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Alnwick Garden Trust’s Lilidorei Playground – Northumberland

With a breath-taking investment of over £15 million, the long-awaited and exhilarating Lilidorei Playground by Alnwick Garden Trust has finally come to life. Can you imagine a more exciting playground constructed with the highest safety standards in mind?

At Alnwick Garden Trust, they seamlessly blend safety with style, which is why they have chosen us to install 1130m2 of wet pour safety surfacing at their whimsical Lilidorei Playground.

Alnwick Garden Trust’s Lilidorei Playground, Safety Surfacing By RTC

This enchanting space is dedicated to offering families and children a safe, thrilling, and educational place to play together. Conjured from the creative mind of the Duchess of Northumberland, this charming village hosts an array of mythical creatures such as elves, goblins, pixies, and dwarves.

The captivating Lilidorei Playground showcases the world’s largest play structure of its kind and boasts some of the most imaginative play equipment for children to discover, creating a vivid outdoor learning experience.

That’s why our wet pour surfacing was the ideal choice for constructing a safe and slip-resistant surface that also exudes visual appeal! Utilizing shock-absorbing wet pour rubber ensures an idyllic playground surface that not only looks inviting but also adheres to API, FSP, and British and European Safety Standards guidelines for safe play.

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