Project Description

Achieve The Daily Mile™ With Our Tracks & Paths

The Daily Mile™  is taking UK schools by storm! Developed by Elaine Wyllie in 2012, The Daily Mile™ has become a registered charity that helps and inspires schools to get children running or walking a mile a day.  The benefits are said to improve the child’s behaviour, fitness levels, and well-being and only takes 15 minutes out of the school day.

We have developed two tracks/ paths that both create space and allow for your run/ walk to continue throughout the year, which can be used to support this initiative and help ensure schools have the facilities to take part in The Daily Mile™

Rubber Mulch Tracks

Our rubber mulch tracks are very popular with schools looking to reach The Daily Mile™, but who have only the field to run on. Rubber mulch is a bonded surface that can be installed direct onto grass. Without ground preparation, mulch is a cost-effection solution.

These paths can be installed contouring the ground to make the most of your space. But what’s more, our bonded mulch tracks will allow you to continue The Daily Mile throughout the year as mud won’t churn and become a slip hazard.

Top Tip: Talk to us about installing a path that isn’t a mile long. Having a shorter track to do laps on will be more economical

Track for a Daily Mile

Wet Pour Tracks

Wet pour tracks can be installed onto grass too! However, a hard sub-base will have to be prepared to the area first. That’s why these paths are generally installed onto an existing hard surface such as tarmac on the school yard.

Our wet pour paths are generally installed in schools that are looking to complete The Daily Mile™ on a colourful track. Wet pour also has slip-resistant properties and is softer on trips and falls as opposed to tarmac and concrete.

Top Tip: Can the children run in a single file? Considering the width of your path will also determine the cost

wet pour track for a daily mile

Make sure your school doesn’t miss out on The Daily Mile™ and talk us today about our tracks and paths which can help you achieve it whatever the weather. Both our rubber mulch and wet pour tracks will be installed uniquely to your school’s surroundings and requirements. For an indicative quote or general advice on our surfacing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.