Project Description

Silverdale Primary School


Fawns Recreational Services were handed the task of creating a pirate-themed play area in part of Silverdale Primary Academy’s playground. They installed one of their wooden pirate ships with a mini trim trail surrounding it, but required our skills to add their complimenting surface design to the play area.

The design reflected the pirate theme, featuring a crocodile, skull and crossbones, compass, footprints, ‘x marks the spot’ and treasure chest within blue, green and yellow wet pour surfacing.

Pirate themed wet pour surfacing
Crocodile graphic in wet pour surfacing

A total area size of 174.7m² was covered in wet pour flooring, at various depths to meet the critical fall heights of the play equipment.  Although this wasn’t a huge area, the wet pour installation took five days as several colours were installed within each graphic.

This play surfacing will not only provide safety to the children exploring the play equipment, but it will also help towards stimulating imaginations as it fits into the theme of the equipment.

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