Our third quarter got off to a lovely start as we received a Perfect Delivery Certificate from Morgan Sindall. We’ve worked with Morgan Sindall for several years, so it is great to know that they are still happy with the surfaces and services we provide.

Speaking of repeat customers, we also carried out more work for Westfield Europe. We have previously installed wet pour within the shopping centre as part of a summer attraction – you can read the case study here  and we were invited back for a similar project.

As you can imagine, Westfield Shopping Centre is hugely popular, so to minimise any disruption to visitors, our team worked through the night to complete the install. It wasn’t long after we completed this project, that we received this lovely email:

“I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say a huge thank you for your contributions to the Westfield London Summer Event, which opened very successfully about an hour ago. The feedback already has been very positive, and the Atrium is full of family and friends enjoying this experience. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all your teams involved. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you.”

This said Westfield wasn’t the only place we’ve revisited recently. We also returned to the Isle of Man. Working on behalf of Kompan we installed over 360m² of wet pour at Athol Park. To complete this project our team had to battle adverse weather conditions and negotiate a tricky access route. However, by staying in close contact with Kompan, any hurdles were easily overcome and the local community can now enjoy their new play area.

Similarly to our Westfield install, we’ve also completed indoor installs for another client. One team travelled to Karben, Germany to install 540m² of wet pour complete with graphics and custom logos. The total trip meant that our team travelled almost 1,500 miles to complete the project. However, this is nothing compared to some of our other global projects!

We also carried out another indoor install with similar graphics in Lisburn, Ireland for the same client.

Closer to home, we helped transform parts of Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. Throughout two visits, we installed over 700m² to create two new outdoor areas for dogs to play and exercise.
Down in London, we installed over 580m² of our resin bound rubber mulch surfacing on behalf of Kompan. Our team installed a green surface with a contrasting brown pathway design that would help guide visitors safely through Finsbury Park.

It was only the previous week that we had been working on a different area of Finsbury Park for another client. During this install our team had installed over 530m² of resin bound rubber mulch in a red and brown mix, to create a more natural aesthetic.

Further north in Lincoln, we carried out an install at RAF Conningsby. Our team installed just over 150m² of wet pour which included the RAF Benevolent Fund logo and a custom jet graphic. In recent years our teams have had plenty of practise creating aircraft graphics, and even aircraft carriers.

Alongside our RAF sites, our teams have also been working on MOD sites recently. One team headed down to Winchester to create this play area with forest themed graphics.

This quarter also saw the launch of The API’s Play Must Stay campaign. The campaign, which was supported by Mumsnet, aimed to draw national attention to the decline in local, public play provision and the detrimental effects this has on childhood health.

Here at RTC, we have long believed that outdoor play is vital to children’s wellbeing, so our Sales Director, Gary Hall, was quick to show his support. You can find out more about the campaign, and read Gary’s full statement here.