RTC Safety Surfaces teamed up with JAM Fund to improve the access to a little girl’s garden as she suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

The Jamie Adamson Memorial Fund (JAM Fund), was founded in 2005 by Paul Adamson and Shira Valek after Paul sadly lost his young son, Jamie, to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).  Their goal was to raise £5000, but 11 years later, they’ve raised £400,000, changing the lives of thousands of poorly children across the UK.

Paul was recently contacted by Danii whose daughter, Tilly suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Danii wanted to make their garden more accessible for Tilly and suggested a concrete area would allow her to use her power chair, manual chair and walker in the garden.

Having seen wet pour safety surfacing in public playgrounds, Paul knew it would be friendlier than any other surface.  He received nine quotes with RTC Safety Surfaces being significantly cheaper.

Jamie, the Technical Representative from RTC Safety Surfaces who liaised with Paul said:

“Having heard about Tilly’s circumstances, I realised we had a sense of responsibility as a safety surfacing company. I took this project to the next level and liaised with our directors to arrange a heavily discounted quote so that Paul could help Tilly and her family.”

Within two days, RTC were able to install the wet pour safety surfacing that will aid Tilly in the garden. Paul Adamson founder of JAM Fund said:

“The result has been amazing! Tilly now has a large area that her and her friends can safely enjoy. Jamie from RTC who came to visit Tilly’s home was incredibly helpful and compromising. Regardless of the price, I would have chosen RTC based on the relationship we have built.

Not only are Tilly’s mum and dad over the moon with the new surfacing, it will without a doubt change Tilly’s quality of life at home.”

Information on Paul’s charity, the Jamie Adamson Memorial Fund, can be found over at www.JAMFund.co.uk.