Project Description

Fleet Air Arm Museum

If you have ever taken a look at our gallery, you will know we have installed lots of different types of graphics over the years. This month though, we were asked to create something a little bit different– we were asked to recreate the Queen Elizabeth Air Craft Carrier in wet pour safety surfacing for The Fleet Air Arm Museum, on behalf of Proludic.

We spent five days in Somerset installing over 150m² of wet pour in their new play area. As the museum is based near the busiest military air station in Europe, our team had a good chance of seeing military planes taking to the sky, as they carefully installed the wet pour surfacing.

We created a grey F35 Stealth Jet and also installed lines in white and red, within the black surface to mimic the design on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

As well as the wet pour safety surface, our team also installed resin bound rubber mulch around three slides in the play area, to ensure the children would be safe as they played. The children could also enjoy 6 pieces of bespoke play equipment that fitted in with the aircraft carrier theme, along with other play pieces and a picnic area for museum visitors to enjoy.

All of our teams are trained in-house to install the highest quality graphics within safety surfacing, so if you have a project that requires special graphics, or would like to ideas for your playground, just get in touch and our team will be happy to help.